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** Autumn Torres 2012 PRIMARY ELECTION PICKS** July 23, 2012

28 Jul

GOVERNOR: Shahram Hadian       http://www.hadian2012.com

Attorney General : Steven Pidgeon  http://www.stephenpidgeon4ag.com

15th District Representative: David Taylor and Bruce Chandler

35th District Representative: Dan Griffey http://www.griffey4statehouse.com/

38th District Representative position 1 Sam Wilson http://www.samwilson2012.com/

39th Disctrict Representative position 2: Elizabeth Scott http://elizabeth4state.com/

WA state Treasurer:  Sharon Hanek (write in candidate) http://www.sharonhanek.com/

US Congress 4th CD : Jamie Wheeler

Sec of State :     Karen Murray   is the only one who opposes mail-in and the ridiculous register anywhere garbage going on.   http://murray4sos.org/

State Supreme Court; Justice:
Position 2 – Scott Stafne
Position 8 – Bruce O. Danielson

Supreme Court Position #9 : Richard Sanders http://friendsofjustice.com/

Public Lands Commissioner: Clint Didier http://www.clintdidier.org/

US Senate :          Dr. Art Coday      http://artcoday.com/

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Ronald Higgins

State Auditor: James Watkins

Insurance Commissioner :Insurance Commissioner – Scott Reilly

And here are some local county candidates not from my town that I am really impressed with and would vote for them if I could. Just like the representative candidates Sam Wilson and Elizabeth Scott are not in my district but I would vote for them if I was.

Mason County Commissioner: Travis Couture http://www.traviscouture.com/index.html

**LT Governor  I will NOT vote for Bill Finkbeiner, why you ask … well he is endorsed by NARAL http://www.prochoicewashington.org/politicalupdates/voteprochoice.shtml also SEIU



28 Jul


2)My mom and dad

3)My grandparents

4)my father and mother in-law

5)Margaret Thatcher

6)Winston Churchill

7)And countless other brave men and women

Who has influenced you and have you taken the time to thank them?  Take a minute and thank them today. Those who have influenced you are key to your leadership skills and the person you seek to become. Seek out good mentors and read books on great leaders, learn from their mistakes and be encouraged by their creativity and willingness to lead even when it gets hard. Make sure your children have also read books on great men and women leaders
and that you take the time to truly influence them. Our future depends on it.



3 May

As I sit here tonight, I am once again moved with deep emotions as I watch my children read, practice their instruments and other nightly activities. I am overwhelmed with my love for them!

I am so thankful for the freedom we have had in America, but I am greatly concerned at the rate it seems to be eroding away right before my eyes. I never thought 15 years ago that I would watch the banks, the auto industry and our healthcare, all be taken over by the government within months.

I watch as numerous friends and others have lost their jobs and their businesses. The very life seems to be being sucked out of those who are creative and work hard for what they have. Numerous regulations are being added to almost every area of our life, with the promise of, “Oh, don’t worry about it, it is for your safety.”

I never would have thought that being a free thinking, prolife, pro 2nd amendment, homeschooling, self sufficient family would make you a “threat to Homeland Security”.

What has happened to common sense? We have let the Globalists and their agenda tell us that human life is not near as important as mother earth and all of it’s animals. We have let them dictate what we eat, what we drive and even what we can build.

I would encourage all of you to take a closer look at what is going on, worldwide, across our nation and locally. Find out where you can get educated and involved; study our founding father’s documents, read and reread our US Constitution. Then tell everyone you know about what you have learned and spread truth and freedom to all you meet.

But even with all that , none of this will have any lasting effect on our Republic’s freedoms, if we do not take the time to lovingly instruct and pass along the torch of liberty to our children and our children’s children. If we do not pass this along to the next generation, most of what liberty activists are doing now will be lost.

How do you pass this torch of liberty on to our precious next generation? Make the founding documents regular items of talk at the dinner table, give them all their own US Constitution, learn together! Read to them the real history of the United States, establish a foundation that they can build upon. Look to the future and the next generations, we can’t just look two years away, we must plan for 50 years from now, what do we want to see for our next generations?

Help raise up true servant hearted leaders with the courage to pass this very torch to their next generation. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM!!! For they hold the key to our nation’s future.


1 May

As my children sleep peacefully in their beds tonight I am pondering the last couple of years and what lies ahead for America. I wonder what their country will look like in another ten years. How high will unemployment be, what regulatory burden will be placed upon businesses by then, will you still be able to homeschool? Will our dollar be worth anything?I am reminded that as citizens of this beautiful Republic we call the United States of America, our duty is to not only pray but to get involved. We must not sit back while socialism and communism threaten the very fabric of our freedom. They have new names now and again, but the true heart of these movements is tyranny. They seek to turn race against race, man against woman, child against parent, class against class. They seek to enslave with their so called “collectivism” It is the death of freedom and liberty they seek.
As a daughter, sister, wife and mother I am reminded daily how precious our freedoms are. I use to wonder how Hitler came to power and why no one stopped his evil till it was too late, but I see similar apathy in our daily lives. We get so caught up in our daily chores and lives that we remove ourselves from the bigger picture.

I am imploring you to get involved! I am urging everyone of you especially those of you who are parents or grandparents to get involved for your children and grandchildren!

Every person matters! It only takes a vocal minority! During the American Revolution they say it was only 3% of the population that were actively involved in helping the cause. Think about the influence you can have by getting involved. There are plenty of opportunities in your city, county, state and national elections. Take a class on the US constitution, help good candidates who believe in following the US constitution, run for school board, or your local PTA. Carry a stack of US constitutions with you to share with others. I could go on and on, the point is just DO IT!

We can and are having results, let’s press on for the future generations.

God Bless,


1 May

Today I am greatly saddened by things I have seen and heard from people I once thought stood for freedom. They want you to sacrifice your morals and integrity to “support” the Republican cause. They would like for you to stick your head in the sand and pretend like none of this stuff is going on. “They” would like you to believe that everything can be fixed by a party. I hate to break it to them , but this is just NOT the case. Our nation is in a free fall towards tryanny, and if they can’t see that I don’t know what to say to them. Yes, we must get involved in the political process, yes we should support the party with the platform closest to our beliefs, but that does NOT mean at all cost. It seems as if power and political gain tend to clowd one’s vision and clarity at things they once knew to be true. I pray to God there are enough people who can freely THINK for themselves and continue to keep asking the hard questions needed of any person running for political office or currently holding office. I have learned a great lesson today. I learned that there is a “political poison” that can infect anyone of us, if we are NOT on guard against it. Let us not have logic and wisdom crowded out by the lie  “the Party can save us.” The party can not save us, especially if we fill it full of people who can’t think for themselves.

Our freedoms and liberty have been under assault by both Democrats and Republicans, we must as citizens make our voices heard and heard LOUDLY! We want our Constitutional Republic back, we want a country where our children have  the right to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.

So please, please don’t let this “POLITICAL POISON” infect you or the way you think.

For God and Country,

Autumn Torres

Socialism is NOT a family value.

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30 Apr


ATTENTION!! ATTENTION!! Anyone and everyone who is a Hadian for Governor supporter!

You are not wanted or needed by the McKenna campaign. Apparently, as explained to my wife by Jill Fagan, political director for the McKenna campaign; if she deems that your mind is already made up, then you are not welcome at any meeting with McKenna.  Even if you have officially RSVP’d! As a matter of fact, you too can be the recipient of a snarky, arrogant, ignorant, and utterly condescending personal phone call from Fagan herself!

I had the “pleasure” this afternoon of listening to my wife try to explain to Jill today that maybe it wasn’t the brightest political move to completely disenfranchise everyone who is inclined to vote for Shahram Hadian at this point in the race.  She attempted to explain to this arrogant ignoramus that if Hadian does not win, then might McKenna possibly want to have some semblance of a connection with a substantial pool of voters?

Apparently, Fagan is sure that McKenna has this race sewn up! No further campaigning needed.  As so many of the “almost won” republican candidates have done in the past, apparent strategy is to only have McKenna talk and meet with those who she feels are a sure vote.  From where I sit, the only sure thing that is going to come of this is 4 to 8 more years of Democrat control of the governor’s mansion. If McKenna is going to allow people who are this arrogant and short-sighted to make these types of decisions regarding his campaign, then he might as well take a vacation for the next 8 months and save himself a crap load of money because Inslee is going to wipe the floor with him in a LANDSLIDE!

Somebody should be waking up in a cold sweat, shaking in fear! How many races have been lost by a tiny margin?  And yet the McKenna campaign is so bold as to tell an Eastern Washington republican, “Stay home, we don’t want you!”  I am sure, in her extreme arrogance that Jill Fagan is counting on all of the other conservatives to just line up behind McKenna if he makes it through the primary.  I’m even sure that there are a lot who will.  But you know what?  There are also a lot who won’t… People are sick to death of watching their republican candidates go down in flames trying to appeal to liberals and all those “across the aisle” while taking their own party for granted; a sure thing.  Well the only sure thing is that people are mad as hell that their elected republicans are rolling over and giving away our liberties for the sake of getting along and being politically correct! I am one of them!

I am sick of seeing a supposedly “conservative” Attorney General sue a local, privately owned small business for their choice to not sell a product that terminates a life, then turn around and say that he had no choice in the matter.  Well then who does?  Will the real AG please stand up? This is such a blatant violation of the Constitution that he should be apologizing to that poor family. The only good thing that came out of that is that the AG’s office lost and liberty won.

But wait! I hear that an appeal is in the works!  Am I the only one that would like to vomit? Does R-71 ring a bell for anyone?  How about suing BIAW for giving money to Rossi?  Can someone please give the man a constitution?

But I digress.

In closing, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but dang it! When you see this garbage first hand, it can still catch a guy off guard. I know how deeply people like my wife care about what is happening in our government on every level.  I know how concerned I am.  So when; in the course of participating in the political process, speaking her mind and holding our elected and wannabe elected officials accountable for what they say and do, she receives a call from some paid political HACK that wants to tell her that she is unwelcome in that very process, I wanted to ask her one question… What country are you calling from?


A Freedom Loving Dad