** Autumn Torres 2012 PRIMARY ELECTION PICKS** July 23, 2012

28 Jul

GOVERNOR: Shahram Hadian       http://www.hadian2012.com

Attorney General : Steven Pidgeon  http://www.stephenpidgeon4ag.com

15th District Representative: David Taylor and Bruce Chandler

35th District Representative: Dan Griffey http://www.griffey4statehouse.com/

38th District Representative position 1 Sam Wilson http://www.samwilson2012.com/

39th Disctrict Representative position 2: Elizabeth Scott http://elizabeth4state.com/

WA state Treasurer:  Sharon Hanek (write in candidate) http://www.sharonhanek.com/

US Congress 4th CD : Jamie Wheeler

Sec of State :     Karen Murray   is the only one who opposes mail-in and the ridiculous register anywhere garbage going on.   http://murray4sos.org/

State Supreme Court; Justice:
Position 2 – Scott Stafne
Position 8 – Bruce O. Danielson

Supreme Court Position #9 : Richard Sanders http://friendsofjustice.com/

Public Lands Commissioner: Clint Didier http://www.clintdidier.org/

US Senate :          Dr. Art Coday      http://artcoday.com/

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Ronald Higgins

State Auditor: James Watkins

Insurance Commissioner :Insurance Commissioner – Scott Reilly

And here are some local county candidates not from my town that I am really impressed with and would vote for them if I could. Just like the representative candidates Sam Wilson and Elizabeth Scott are not in my district but I would vote for them if I was.

Mason County Commissioner: Travis Couture http://www.traviscouture.com/index.html

**LT Governor  I will NOT vote for Bill Finkbeiner, why you ask … well he is endorsed by NARAL http://www.prochoicewashington.org/politicalupdates/voteprochoice.shtml also SEIU



28 Jul


2)My mom and dad

3)My grandparents

4)my father and mother in-law

5)Margaret Thatcher

6)Winston Churchill

7)And countless other brave men and women

Who has influenced you and have you taken the time to thank them?  Take a minute and thank them today. Those who have influenced you are key to your leadership skills and the person you seek to become. Seek out good mentors and read books on great leaders, learn from their mistakes and be encouraged by their creativity and willingness to lead even when it gets hard. Make sure your children have also read books on great men and women leaders
and that you take the time to truly influence them. Our future depends on it.


Happy Mother’s Day

13 May
Happy Mother’s Day sweet ladies! I pray you know how loved you are by your Creator and how much He values you as a mother!  I would like to publicly thank all of the Godly , strong women God has placed in my life since my mom has been gone. I am forever grateful for these mentors and friends! You might never quite know how much you mean to me! Mother’s Day is bitter sweet for me because of losing my mom….as  I was thinking about it I was reminded of all of you God has brought along side me in this beautiful, crazy life. To ALL of the freedom loving moms out there I pray many blessings over you and your families. From my momma’s heart to yours. Love Autumn


7 May

Just a quick note as I am out the door to a board meeting. Today shall be interesting for sure. One question I want to ask of all of you, will you remain true to what you know to be right, or will you bow under pressure? It is a question we all must ask of ourselves and one I had to ask of myself this last week. Blessings and I will write more later!




Note I wrote December 21, 2011

4 May

This coming year we shall see many things happen, some good many bad. My heart is thankful for those true patriots I have been able to meet and get to know. I am thankful that they haven’t let power and political greed get to them. I am thankful they are willing to go against the tide and speak what is true and right even when NO one wants to hear it. As a mom, I am eternally grateful for these brave men and women who are fighting to save our Republic from a free fall into tyranny. I have heard many Republicans say that can’t happen and it isn’t so bad….. I wish some of them would once again study history and see what happens when a nation goes down this path. My husband and I hope and pray daily that our children will be able to live in a free and prosperous land once again. But meanwhile we do not stick our heads in the sand……….

I am sickened by the daily stripping of our freedoms by both sides of our political system. Let me make myself very clear those people who are stripping us of our freedoms in the name of safety are not a friend to liberty. They are JUST as guilty as those with a (D) in front of their names. Don’t be fooled by a letter in front of someone’s name because it means nothing if their actions say otherwise. Those people intent on taking our liberties will use any means they have to, they will use either party to accomplish their agenda. This is what they do and they are very good at it, and most often we make it very easy for them. I pray that you please do your own research and look at things with clear eyes as to their long term goals for our nation. Freedom and tyranny have always been at odds, it is an age old war, don’t be fooled.








3 May



3 May

As I sit here tonight, I am once again moved with deep emotions as I watch my children read, practice their instruments and other nightly activities. I am overwhelmed with my love for them!

I am so thankful for the freedom we have had in America, but I am greatly concerned at the rate it seems to be eroding away right before my eyes. I never thought 15 years ago that I would watch the banks, the auto industry and our healthcare, all be taken over by the government within months.

I watch as numerous friends and others have lost their jobs and their businesses. The very life seems to be being sucked out of those who are creative and work hard for what they have. Numerous regulations are being added to almost every area of our life, with the promise of, “Oh, don’t worry about it, it is for your safety.”

I never would have thought that being a free thinking, prolife, pro 2nd amendment, homeschooling, self sufficient family would make you a “threat to Homeland Security”.

What has happened to common sense? We have let the Globalists and their agenda tell us that human life is not near as important as mother earth and all of it’s animals. We have let them dictate what we eat, what we drive and even what we can build.

I would encourage all of you to take a closer look at what is going on, worldwide, across our nation and locally. Find out where you can get educated and involved; study our founding father’s documents, read and reread our US Constitution. Then tell everyone you know about what you have learned and spread truth and freedom to all you meet.

But even with all that , none of this will have any lasting effect on our Republic’s freedoms, if we do not take the time to lovingly instruct and pass along the torch of liberty to our children and our children’s children. If we do not pass this along to the next generation, most of what liberty activists are doing now will be lost.

How do you pass this torch of liberty on to our precious next generation? Make the founding documents regular items of talk at the dinner table, give them all their own US Constitution, learn together! Read to them the real history of the United States, establish a foundation that they can build upon. Look to the future and the next generations, we can’t just look two years away, we must plan for 50 years from now, what do we want to see for our next generations?

Help raise up true servant hearted leaders with the courage to pass this very torch to their next generation. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM!!! For they hold the key to our nation’s future.