28 Oct

4th District  Representative: Matthew Shea

15th District Representative: David Taylor and Bruce Chandler

16th District Representative: Mary Edwards

23rd District Representative: Tony Stephens

35th District Representative: Dan Griffey

38th District Representative position 1 Sam Wilson

39th Disctrict Representative position 2: Elizabeth Scott

42nd District Representative position 1: Jason Overstreet

WA state Treasurer:  Sharon Hanek

Supreme Court Position #9 : Richard Sanders

Public Lands Commissioner: Clint Didier

US Senate :       Senator Michael Baumgartner

State Auditor: James Watkins

LT Governor: Brad Owens

**LT Governor  I will NOT vote for Bill Finkbeiner, why you ask … well he is endorsed by NARAL also SEIU

Referendum measure No. 74 :REJECTED

Initiative  Measure 502 (concerning marijuana) : REJECTED because I do not like the way it is written.

Initiative 1185 : YES requires 2/3rd  legislative majorities to pass taxes or receive voter approval.

Initiative 1240 (charter schools) : REJECT this is very badly written as well and takes away local control and gives it to appointed boards.

I live in Washington’s 15th district but put in several other races in other districts where I personally know the candidates and like where they stand on the issues and their stand for liberty.


2 Responses to “FREEDOMLOVINGMOM picks for GENERAL ELECTION 2012 FOR WA STATE races and issues”

  1. Ernest Huber October 28, 2012 at 9:30 AM #


  2. Jack Francis October 28, 2012 at 10:08 AM #

    I’ve found on I-502 that the sides seem switched. This made me strangely leery of it when those who use are against it while those who make a considerable living ‘fighting’ it are for it.

    The juxtaposition caused me to look at this much closer and I agree.

    Well thought out choices but do we really need a Lt. Governor? Can’t we make it a rotating duty within the Senate Page program? 😉

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