** Autumn Torres 2012 PRIMARY ELECTION PICKS** July 23, 2012

28 Jul

GOVERNOR: Shahram Hadian       http://www.hadian2012.com

Attorney General : Steven Pidgeon  http://www.stephenpidgeon4ag.com

15th District Representative: David Taylor and Bruce Chandler

35th District Representative: Dan Griffey http://www.griffey4statehouse.com/

38th District Representative position 1 Sam Wilson http://www.samwilson2012.com/

39th Disctrict Representative position 2: Elizabeth Scott http://elizabeth4state.com/

WA state Treasurer:  Sharon Hanek (write in candidate) http://www.sharonhanek.com/

US Congress 4th CD : Jamie Wheeler

Sec of State :     Karen Murray   is the only one who opposes mail-in and the ridiculous register anywhere garbage going on.   http://murray4sos.org/

State Supreme Court; Justice:
Position 2 – Scott Stafne
Position 8 – Bruce O. Danielson

Supreme Court Position #9 : Richard Sanders http://friendsofjustice.com/

Public Lands Commissioner: Clint Didier http://www.clintdidier.org/

US Senate :          Dr. Art Coday      http://artcoday.com/

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Ronald Higgins

State Auditor: James Watkins

Insurance Commissioner :Insurance Commissioner – Scott Reilly

And here are some local county candidates not from my town that I am really impressed with and would vote for them if I could. Just like the representative candidates Sam Wilson and Elizabeth Scott are not in my district but I would vote for them if I was.

Mason County Commissioner: Travis Couture http://www.traviscouture.com/index.html

**LT Governor  I will NOT vote for Bill Finkbeiner, why you ask … well he is endorsed by NARAL http://www.prochoicewashington.org/politicalupdates/voteprochoice.shtml also SEIU


4 Responses to “** Autumn Torres 2012 PRIMARY ELECTION PICKS** July 23, 2012”

  1. Beverly July 28, 2012 at 1:50 PM #

    I wasn’t sure about “Superintendent of Public Instruction.” I had voted for Randy Dorn last time around because he promised to get rid of the WASL, which he did. Aside from him I didn’t know who the other candidates were until I opened my ballot. But I was disappointed with him on several other levels not the least of which was he replaced it with another test so similar to the WASL that it was indistinguishable. My question is, there are tried and proven tests such as the Iowas and the Stanford Achievement Tests. Teachers won’t need to “teach to the test” if one uses these to measure a child’s aptitude. They can follow a standard scope and sequence, & methodically educate. They do cost money, but I’m not sure how much money we’re saving by creating our own.

  2. Kimm July 28, 2012 at 4:19 PM #

    Nice job on the new blog, Autumn!

    • freedomlovingmom July 28, 2012 at 4:49 PM #

      Thanks KImm I have had it for a while I just need to use it more 🙂 hold me accountable.

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